Grant Proposals

A newly established research grant is available immediately upon approval. "The Max Randell Memorial Fund for the Cure". See proposal details for application process and information below.

Canavan Research Illinois provides grants to qualified investigators for scientific and/or clinical research for Canavan disease. Our aim is to fund projects that can potentially lead to new treatments, and ultimately the cure for Canavan disease. Our ability to write grants is made possible through the generosity and fundraising efforts of friends, affected families, corporate sponsors and benefactors in our global community. 

Over the past twenty years grants from CRI have helped lead to multiple gene therapy trials as well as the development of a combination of medications and supplements known as the "Canavan Cocktail". Our work as a patient advocacy organization has helped move these programs forward more quickly by representing the interests of our patient community when there were delays within the FDA, NIH and pharmaceutical companies.     

Canavan Research Illinois has been an excellent and consistent resource for researchers interested in studying Canavan disease with the intention of creating novel medical interventions to slow disease progression. We have emerged as a key partner in research by providing financial support for studies over the past two decades, and advocating on behalf of all patients affected by Canavan disease worldwide.

Grant requests may be submitted to or contact for additional information. *Please share this information to help our organization find new or existing research teams in need of funds.