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Buffalo Grove mom's push to find cure for rare form of brain disease

October 31, 2016

Ilyce Randell had never heard of Canavan disease before that sunny March day in 1998 when doctors diagnosed her then 5-month-old son, Max, with the rare, fatal brain disease. Read More

Rowan Research gives hope to patients of Canavan disease through commercial agreement with...

July 17,2015

Rowan University and Bamboo Therapeutics, Inc. have entered into an asset transfer agreement to commercialize a novel gene therapy for the treatment of Canavan disease. A rare but devastating neurological disease that tragically takes a child’s life by age 10, Canavan disease is one of the most comm… Read More

Boy, 11, wins Heart of Buffalo Grove Award

Countryside/Buffalo Grove Pioneer Press - November 21, 2013

At age 11, Alex Randell is learning the trumpet and how to wrestle, and wants to be a medical researcher when he grows up. He also is a public speaker, experienced fundraiser, and now, a recipient of a Heart of Buffalo Grove Award. Read More

Buffalo Grove Boy (Alex Randell) advocates for Disabled Older Brother (Max Randell)

Daily Herald - October 31, 2013

Profoundly disabled teenager Max Randell never has been able to write or utter a single word. But his little brother, Alex, says the 15-year-old communicates with loved ones through blinking, eye rolls, smiles and his infectious laugh. Read More

Boy Wins Buffalo Heart of Buffalo Grove Award

Buffalo Grove Herald - October 28, 2013

Meet the 2013 Heart of Buffalo Grove Award winners. Read More